May 6, 2005 at 7 pm — Estonia Concert Hall

On Friday, May 6, 2005 at 7 p.m.
in Estonia Concert Hall


Tōru Takemitsu – “Rain Coming”
Tan Dun – Concerto for Pipa and String Orchestra
Isang Yun – Symphony No. 4

LAN WEI-WEI (pipa, China)
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor SCOTT YOO (Korea – USA)

This is the possibility to meet the three biggest music cultures in the Far East – the concert will present music by Japanese, Chinese and Korean composers and the soloist will play the traditional Chinese instrument pipa.
The Chinese pipa virtuoso Lan Wei-wei has won many competitions. She performs as a soloist at many concerts with ensembles and symphony orchestras, and also has many recitals. It was the composer Tan Dun who recommended her to play his pipa concerto.

Toru Takemitsu is probably the most well-known Japanese composer in the world. His music is deeply connected with nature – “When I am commissioned a piece of 20 minutes, I will take a 20-minute walk. When I see a tree, I will write tree music. When I see a stone, I will write stone music and when there is a tree behind a stone, I will combine the two. “The piece “Rain Coming” is from a series of music inspired by rain called “Pillor of Rain”. The winner of Oscar, Grawmeyer and many other prestigious prizes, Tan Dun is the most famous of Chinese composers. His music combines within itself shamanic rituals and high-technology. Tan Dun’s music is light and the use of silence has been connected to the traditions of tao and zen.

Tickets: 300.-, 200.-, 100.-
Concert is produced by ERSO, Festival “Orient”

Tickets: 300.-, 200.-, 100
Concert is produced by ERSO and Festival "Orient" (ERP)