May 18, 2007 at 7 pm — Estonia Concert Hall
May 19, 2007 at 7 pm — Pärnu Concert Hall

18. May 19:00 – Estonia Concert Hall
19. May 19:00 – Pärnu Concert Hall

Mahler – Symphony No 8 in E-flat major

Svetlana Trifonova (soprano, Russia)
Olga Kondina (soprano, Russia)
Marlena Burkovska (soprano, Latvia)
Annaliisa Pillak (mezzo-soprano)
Galina Sidorenko (mezzo-soprano, Russia)
Senol Talinli (tenor, Turkey)
Rauno Elp (bariton)
Aleksandr Matvejev (bass, Russia)
Estonian National Male Choir
Mixed Choir Latvia
Ellerhein Girls’ Choir
Tallinn Boys’ Choir
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Nikolai Alexeev

The symphony where the philosophical, aesthetical and ethical pursuits of the composer have found their final and conclusive solution, is also called the Symphony of a Thousand, due to the large number of participants in the premiere on 12 September, 1910, in Munich (there were 1030 performers); the composer himself conducted it. Eight vocal soloists, boys’ choir, two mixed choirs, brass band back stage and a large orchestra participate in the performance of the symphony.
On 18 August, 1906, Mahler wrote to the Dutch conductor Willem Mengelberg: " I have just completed my Eighth! It is the most remarkable composition I have written so far. So individual in content and form that it is impossible to describe it in the letter. Imagine that the whole universe begins to sound and ring. The result is not merely human voices singing but planets and suns joining in as well.”
The symphony has been performed only once before in Estonia, it was conducted by Arvo Volmer in 1996.

Tickets in Tallinn: 200.- / 150.-
Tickets in Pärnu: 120.- / 80.-
Concerts are produced by ERSO and Eesti Kontsert

Nikolai Alexeev

Tickets in Tallinn: 200.- / 150.-
Tickets in Pärnu: 120.- / 80.-
Concert is produced by ERSO, Eesti Kontsert