GUSTAV MAHLER 150: Symphony No 6

December 4, 2009 at 7 pm — Tallinn, Estonia Concert Hall

04. December 19:00 – Tallinn, Estonia Concert Hall

Mahler – Symphony No 6 in A minor
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra


In 2010 the musical world celebrates Gustav Mahler’s 150th birthday, with the 100th anniversary of his death in the following year.

Principal conductor of ERSO Nikolai Alexeev presents the listeners with Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No 6, which ERSO has earlier performed only twice. Because of its gloomy and pessimist mood, the symphony has been called Tragic. The symphony depicts a person’s struggle with hardships of life that lead to a tragic end. In Mahler’s wife Alma’s words, “The Sixth is the most profoundly personal of his works. /-/ Not one of them came so directly from his inmost heart as this.”

Tickets: 180.- 120.- (70.-)
The concert is produced by ERSO

Nikolai Alexeev

Tickets: 180.- 120.- (70.-)
The concert is produced by ERSO