JUBILATE. ERSO 85. War Symphonies

Neeme Järvi. Foto: Simon van Boxtel

Neeme Järvi ((© Simon van Boxtel).

December 16, 2011 at 7 pm — Estonia Concert Hall

2nd concert of the JUBILATE series

Tubin. Symphony No 5
Shostakovich. Symphony No 7 in C major, Op 60 Leningrad

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

This year both the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and the Estonian Public Broadcasting celebrate their 85th birthdays. On 18 December 1926 the Tallinn Broadcasting Company transmitted the first concert by the predecessor of present-day ERSO – a trio consisting of violinist Hugo Schütz, cellist Alfred Vaarmann and pianist Anna Sivitski. Soon the ensemble grew into a full-scale orchestra. In 1939 the orchestra already had 39 members; in the early 1960s – 90, and in 1975 when the orchestra acquired the status of a public institution, it consisted of more than 100 members.

The anniversary concert with its war-like title is actually a glance into a complicated period in the history of both ERSO and the whole world. During World War II several well-known cultural figures, including composer Eduard Tubin, Olav Roots, then the conductor of the orchestra of Estonian Public Broadcasting, and several members of the orchestra left Estonia.

The programme includes compositions by two powerful 20th-century symphonists – the first symphony that Eduard Tubin composed in emigration and Dmitry Shostakovich’s famous Leningrad Symphony which was composed in Leningrad sieged by the German troops.

Klassikaraadio will transmit the concert to EBU member states as part of the concert series Nordic Baltic Concert Season.
Concert is produced by ERSO.
Single ticket: 20 € / 15 €.

In its 85th anniversary season, ERSO brings to its listeners four exciting series of superb concerts:  JUBILATE, MASTERCLASS, SAGA and CONCERTO.
The concert is part of the JUBILATE series that is dedicated to ERSO’s 85th anniversary. Three cncerts of the JUBILATE series:
I: 02.09.2011 OPENING CONCERT OF THE SEASON. Don Quixote
II:  16.12.2011 ERSO 85. War Symphonies
III: 04.05.2012 FINAL CONCERT OF THE SEASON. Imperator

If you buy a ticket for all the concerts mentioned, you will win 30% of the price of single tickets.
Series tickets are sold until the first concert of each series. Tickets for the JUBILATE series are sold until 2 September 2011.
With a series ticket the price of one concert is 14 € / concessions for students and pensioners 10,50 €.
Three concerts of the JUBILATE series: 42 € / concessions for students and pensioners 31,50 €.