ESTONIAN OPERA 90. An opera born from Vikerlased

Ingrid Roose.

October 25, 2019 at 7 pm — Estonia Concert Hall

PIRJO JONAS soprano (Theatre Vanemuine)
TUURI DEDE mezzo-soprano
AULE URB mezzo-soprano (Estonian National Opera)
MEHIS TIITS tenor (Estonian National Opera)
RENÉ SOOM baritone (Estonian National Opera)
PRIIT VOLMER bass (Estonian National Opera)
Mixed Choir HUIK!

Estonia Society Mixed Choir
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Artistic director and conductor INGRID ROOSE

Director Veiko Tubin

Last year marked the passing of 90 years since the first Estonian opera was created. These years have been fruitful and diverse. To celebrate this time, the gala evening ‘An opera born from Vikerlased’ will take the audience through the era of 1928–2018 while only Estonian opera music is performed.

Evald Aav’s Vikerlased (The Vikings), which was first performed in 1928, is considered Estonia’s first opera, which is why the overture of this piece will put a start to the gala evening. The concert programme is a kind of journey, during which the audience will get to see pieces of both historical events and music genres as the performed works are very diverse. A small selection of more than 100 operas by Estonian composers will be performed: the audience can enjoy both popular arias as well as those that have been hidden in the depths of archives for decades.

Tickets: 25€ / 20€
The concert is produced by Eesti Kontsert in cooperation with ENSO.