Eri Klas. Foto Erkki Ruokonen.

Eri Klas. Foto Erkki Ruokonen.

November 4, 2011 at 7 pm — Estonia Concert Hall

2nd concert of the SAGA series

Bizet. Symphony in C Major
Holst. Symphonic suite Planets, Op 32

Ellerhein Girls’ Choir
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor ERI KLAS

 The best-known work of the English composer Gustav Holst is the symphonic suite Planets, which gives musical embodiment to the heavenly bodies Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. In the composer’s own words, the parts of the composition carry an astrological meaning and have no connections with the eponymous characters from ancient mythology.

Eri Klas has been working as the principal conductor of several opera theatres and orchestras: Estonian National Opera, Royal Swedish Opera, Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow, Århus Symphony Orchestra, Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra and Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. His cooperation with ERSO has lasted for more than half of a century. It began in 1959 when the orchestra employed him as a percussionist. Since 1963, Klas has been standing in front of ERSO as a conductor for nearly 180 times.

Concert is produced by ERSO.
Single ticket: 15 € / 10 €.

In its 85th anniversary season, ERSO brings to its listeners four exciting series of superb concerts:  JUBILATE, MASTERCLASS, SAGA and CONCERTO.
The concert is part of the SAGA series that enables listeners to enjoy works with an exciting background and subject matter in a magnificent performance. Six concerts of the SAGA series:
I: 23. ja 24.09.2011  SAUL
II: 04.11.2011  PLANETS
III: 27.01.2012 NATURE, LIFE, LOVE
IV: 10.02.2012 IN SPE
V: 16.03.2012 FIREBIRD

If you buy a ticket for all the concerts mentioned, you will win 30% of the price of single tickets.
Series tickets are sold until the first concert of each series. Tickets for the SAGA series are sold until 23 September 2011.
With a series ticket the price of one concert is 10,50 € / concessions for students and pensioners 7 €.
Six concerts of the SAGA series: 63 € / concessions for students and pensioners 42 €.