Olari Elts (© Katrin Viil).

April 17, 2020 at 6 pm — Estonia Concert Hall (pre-concert event)
April 17, 2020 at 7 pm — Estonia Concert Hall

4th concert of the RESONANCE series

Steve Reich
Runner   16′
Music for Ensemble and Orchestra   20′
Reich/Richter – music by Steve Reichi, “Moving Picture (946-3)” by Gerhard Richter & Corinna Belz   37′

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor OLARI ELTS

Olari Elts, the principal guest conductor of ENSO, focuses on the best of the latest works by one of America’s most influential contemporary composers, Steve Reich. All pieces will be performed in Estonia for the first time, and the fact that the multimedia piece Reich/Richter is performed to our audience so quickly is absolutely exceptional. According to Olari Elts, Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt are the two composers who started their activity in the second half of the twentieth century that have most influenced the music of the twenty-first century. ‘The phase shifting technique of Reich is, in its genius, comparable to the tintinnabuli of Pärt.’

Reich’s Runner, which was completed in 2016 for a large woodwind ensemble, percussion instruments, two pianos, and string instruments, was premiered at the Royal Opera House in London with Wayne McGregor’s choreography. Music for Ensemble and Orchestra, which was first performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Susanna Mälkki at the end of 2018, is the composer’s first work for a large orchestra after a break of 30 years – ‘…a rewarding addition to 50 years of minimalism … The work’s multiple layers draw the listener in and do not let go.’ (Financial Times)

Olari Elts: ‘There are only a few brilliant composers who can make a small orchestra sound big, such as Richard Strauss, Lindberg, and Tüür. Reich is the complete opposite – a big orchestra must have the same aesthetics that can usually be expected from ensemble of new music. They must sound as filigree as a percussion ensemble.’

In the second half of the concert, Reich’s newest project Reich/Richter, created with the artist Gerhard Richter and director Corinna Belz, which premiered in New York in April 2019, will be performed. The music, which is written for a large ensemble, is accompanied by the film Moving Picture (946-3) the idea of which has developed from Gerhard Richter’s book called Patterns, which represent a possible aesthetic of the so-called artist’s book. In addition to New York, the piece has been performed in London, Luxemburg and Paris, and in May 2020, Olari Elts will conduct it for the Oslo Philharmonic.

TICKETS: €25/€18

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