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AIN ANGER JUBILEE GALA. Saaremaa Opera Festival

24.07 at 8 pm – Kuressaare Castle Opera House

AILE ASSZONYI soprano, PAVLO BALAKIN bass (Estonian National Opera), MONIKA-EVELIN LIIV mezzo-soprano, EGILS SILIŅŠ baritone, AIN ANGER bass, ERSO, conductor OLARI ELTS.
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10.09 at 6 pm – Estonia Concert Hall (pre-concert event)
10.09 at 7 pm – Estonia Concert Hall

MAESTRO I: Adams, Janulytė, R. Strauss, Hallik, Rachmaninov. ERSO, conductor OLARI ELTS.
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17.09 at 7 pm – Estonia kontserdisaal

PIANO CONCERTO I: Britten, Gershwin, Dvořák. MAKSIM SHTSHURA piano, ERSO, conductor JONATHAN BLOXHAM.
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News & Reviews

ERSO Concert Series 2021/2022

June 27, 2021

In the 2021/2022 season, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra presents seven concert series – SONG OF THE EARTH, AUDIO SPA, MAESTRO, HARMONY, ROMANTICISM, PIANO CONCERTO, and SYMPHONIC LUNCHES. Series tickets 2021/2022 on sale! Single tickets will go on sale publicly on 15 August.
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Young Artists To Watch: Theodor Sink – You cannot get rich by working

Zoltán Szabó, Bachtrack

February 8, 2021

Interview with Estonian cellist Theodor Sink, the Principal Cello of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. He was chosen the Interpreter of the Year 2020 by the Association of Estonian Professional Musicians.
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ERSO performance of latest Steve Reich music a success

Dario Cavegn,

September 19, 2020

American minimalist composer Steve Reich’s “Music for Ensemble and Orchestra” (2018) had its maiden performance in Estonia, played by the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) Friday night. Another new Reich offering, “Reich/Richter” (2019), also got its debut in Estonia. Dario Cavegn went along to the performance, at the Estonia Theater in Tallinn, and sent us this review.
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The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra introduces a “virtual concert hall”

Silver Tambur, Estonian World

September 11, 2020

The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and its new chief conductor and artistic director, Olari Elts, will begin its 94th season both at the Estonia Concert Hall and a virtual concert hall; the first concert will be broadcast live for free on the new online platform on 11 September.
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