ENSO is playing at its all-time best and covering a wider range than ever before. Now is the time to take the next step. The ENSO Friends Club welcomes everyone for whom classical music is an inspiration to reach a higher plane of thought with a truly symphonic grasp. Together, we can bring to life the musical ideas within us.’ Olari Elts

By joining the ENSO Friends Club, you will support Estonia’s representative orchestra and contribute to the Estonian culture and music scene. Members of the Friends Club enjoy many benefits and are invited to special events.

We offer various bonuses for club members, depending on the amount contributed:

PACKAGE I – 50 euros

  • possibility to purchase ENSO concert tickets before the public sale of the tickets, which gives you the privilege to choose seats early
  • fresh updates about ENSO
  • if you desire, your name will be published on the ENSO website in the list of friends/supporters of ENSO

PACKAGE II – 100 euros

In addition to the previously mentioned

  • free concert schedule
  • discount offers for the concerts of the season
  • open rehearsal once a year
  • private cloakroom

PACKAGE III – 500 euros

In addition to the previously mentioned

  • invitation to opening and closing concerts of the season
  • ENSO’s latest CD as a gift

PACKAGE IV – 1000 euros

In addition to the previously mentioned

  • ENSO’s latest recordings with autographs, if possible
  • if possible, meetings with the soloists and musicians
  • invitation to a reception with the orchestra
  • two free tickets to ENSO concerts of choice during the season

PACKAGE V – 5000 euros

In addition to the previously mentioned

  • dinner with the principal conductor once a year
  • a chance to accompany the orchestra on their performances abroad
  • a welcome drink during intermissions

PACKAGE VI – 10,000 euros

In addition to the previously mentioned

  • an exclusive chamber concert


Club membership is seasonal and is granted to everyone who supports ENSO with 50 euros or more during a season.

Join the ENSO Friends Club

To join, please make a payment with the selected contribution amount.
Recipient: Rahandusministeerium
Bank account EE932200221023778606
Reference number: 3500082088

Please enter your e-mail address and/or phone number in the description of payment so that we could contact you with regard to the benefits that you will receive and to agree on how we should use the contribution.

For more information, please contact us by sending an e-mail to erso@erso.ee or call us at 6147788.

PACKAGE IV – 1000 euros
David O’Brock
Lauri Ligi

PACKAGE III – 500 euros
Kersti Lainvoo
Lembit Talts
Helge Talts
Toomas Prangli
Ülle Kruuse
Tunne and Mari-Ann Kelam

PACKAGE II – 100 euros
Nele Laidvee
Kalev Sakjas
Olger Tali
Vladimir Panov/2
Annika Kuimet
Maret Maripuu
Mare Hammer
Maarika Mägi
Ursula Palusoo
Tanel Ross
Piret Tuul
Marika Laar
Ene Ritso /2
Tiiu Nigola
Paul Vesterstein
Tiina Jokinen / OÜ ERP
Peeter Vähi / OÜ ERP
Hubert-Viktor Kahn/2
Karin Punning
Anneli Rannamees
Jaan Riikoja
Urve Kirotar
Kristjan Pomm
Marika Eljas
Liivi Evartson
Aare Puusepp
Kaie Külasepp
Railo Paun
Ants Hinno
Aare Viira / Patermaa Talu
Martin-Peter Kask
Urve Pappa
Endel Talvik

PACKAGE I – 50 euros  
Marika Saarik
Elle Nellis
Aare Olander
Aime Lindpere
Vilve Põldmäe
Andres Vasarik
Ann Tauts
Tiia Pild
Maretta Vainumäe
Mall Petersen
Mr Seamus and Gerry Rainbird
Mr Brian and Tina Kratz
Ene-Reet Soonets